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A gamer who learnes the rules of a game inside and out to perfection in order to become the best at that game. In games such as D&D a power gamer might sacrifice role-playing in favor of more power for his character, although most do not. Power gamers often make the game less fun for the rest of the playing group for the reason that their characters usually become far more powerful then all other characters in play.
Power gamers are often wrongly known as munchkins. A munchkin gains power by cheating while a power gamer gains power by knowing and using the rules of the game to his advantage.
Wow, that damn power gamer's character is way too strong for his level. That's just not fair.
by burnt_to_crisp March 06, 2007
(online specific) Referring to a player of MMOs who goes to great lengths to maximize the amount of experience points (xp) they get in the smallest amount of time. They are obsessed with xp efficiency over all other things, including their own bladder status. Typical behaviors are inordinate amounts of time spent playing the game, getting the best equipment at all times for their character, and "farming" areas for the best loot and xp.
(typical powergamer quote) "Get out of my group. You'll ruin my XP."
by Midwest_Expatriate February 02, 2005
A gamer who uses the rules of the game to be the best at winning, sacrificing the enjoyment of play and any possible role-playing. See also Ben
Damn, that Ben is such a power gamer
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
Two definitions:

A) A person who frustratingly attempts to win by all means at tabletop role-playing games.

B) A person who seeks to accomplish everything possible within a videogame - meet all secret goals, get every item, unlock every secret, etc.
A) "Last I heard, he had given himself a man-sized sword. What a powergamer."

B) "You bought and upgraded every 200 cars in that game? Man, you're a powergamer."
by Shurikane January 28, 2005
1: n. A person who plays tabletop RPGs and seeks to make the most powerful character possible, often in the form of assigning 'useless' stats such as 'charisma' very low values. Any advantage this player they can get, they are likely to take. It is not uncommon for such players to ask to start with rare items their character could or would not have obtained.

Powergamers are different from twinks in that a powergamer generally seeks to have the most powerful character without regard to the rules, while a twink seeks to manipulate the rules to gain a powerful character.
1: "God damn it ralph, you're such a powergamer, and NO, you can't start the game with a Sword of World Destruction. No. No. No... Go away!"
by Sailor_Charon May 08, 2004
1. One who spends a lot of time playing games.
2. One who takes the playing of games very seriously.
3. One who does well at playing a certain game.
4. (Derogatory) One who plays the game for their own advantage; often used by players of role playing games to refer to players who they believe care more about character advancement than about role playing.

1. Being in a long session of playing games.

Bob is a powergamer who plays 8 hours a day.

Bob is a powergamer who spends a lot of time planning about playing his game.

Bob is a Poker powergamer; he is really good at Poker.

Look at that 100th level Bob and his gear, man, is he a powergamer or what?

Bob is powergaming right now for 12 hours straight.
by Snowblood January 26, 2004
Powergamers will use any dirty cheat they can think of to win at all costs. Tactics such as hording power-ups and fragging n00bs to score some cheap wins are common tactics used by powergamers in online games. They also beg and plead to start the game with cheat codes or ultimate weapons to start the game. Powergamers also won't let n00bs join their team,party, or squad in fear that the n00b may make mistakes and ruin their win percentages.
Jim and Ralph are powergamers they try to start the game with the class 1 zillion sword of world destruction and will horde power ups whether they need them or not to make sure the other players don't get `em.
by DennisIsEvil February 28, 2006
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