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The pile of precariously balanced dishes in a dishrack that cannot be disturbed lest there be an avalanche of china, crockery, and silverware.
"Don't touch the dish jenga! That's a load-bearing spoon."
by Midwest_Expatriate June 27, 2005
One who eats until they are engorged...and then proceeds to eat even more, usually resulting in a turkey coma. A glutton -- but a happy glutton nontheless.

See also Thanksgiving and Grandma's cooking.
"Yeah, I was a total tryptophanatic over the holidays. I think I slept for about 30 hours after I ate that second turkey."
by Midwest_Expatriate January 24, 2006
(online specific) Referring to a player of MMOs who goes to great lengths to maximize the amount of experience points (xp) they get in the smallest amount of time. They are obsessed with xp efficiency over all other things, including their own bladder status. Typical behaviors are inordinate amounts of time spent playing the game, getting the best equipment at all times for their character, and "farming" areas for the best loot and xp.
(typical powergamer quote) "Get out of my group. You'll ruin my XP."
by Midwest_Expatriate February 02, 2005
The state of cats on catnip. You could call it "nipped out" but that probably has other definitions...
Hon, get the camera. Milo's all cataleptic in that grocery bag and he can't get out.
by Midwest_Expatriate July 06, 2004
Hesitance to engage in what is perceived as a possible bad trip. May also be used to refer to the onset of the bad trip.
I'm getting some serious tripidation about that 'shroom I just ate, guys.
by Midwest_Expatriate June 27, 2006
Short for "in a jiffy", which basically means "a short period of time". It can be used sarcastically as well

"Jiffy" is also used as a sci/tech term, commonly for 0.01 seconds, or sometimes 1 tick of a computer's clock.
"I'll get to it in a jif." (This means after I get done with the football game, hon)
by Midwest_Expatriate May 03, 2005
The kind of person who would make up a complex word and then boast about it to his e-posse.
Tycho, from Penny Arcade
by Midwest_Expatriate June 29, 2005
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