A person who's mindset about smoking weed went from ''it's to have fun occasionally'' to ''going out sucks, let's get high instead''. Generally, they smoke more weed than the average pot smoker, but it's mostly about the mindset. They come to destroy the relationships they have with non-smokers and prefer to spend their time smoking weed in groups, often with people they don't even have anything else in common with. Potheads eventually stop seeing the reality that pot does have negative side effects, instead going around telling the world that government propaganda brainwashed everyone to believe pot is bad. Contrarily to a stoner, who can accept that there are some bad effects that come with weed, potheads lead themselves to believe that weed is harmless.
Michael: I dunno man, I smoked weed twice this week. I wouldn't wanna scew up my lungs and I have a basket tourny in two days.

Johnny: Coooooome on! Dude! Caffeine and alcohol are worse for you! Weed is HARMLESS, the government just tries to make people believe it's bad! Don't believe that shit!

Michael: Two months ago we were talking about the negative side effects of weed... did you forget?

Johnny: Well that's because I was brainwashed too but now I saw the light.

Michael: Riiiight.... I'm gonna go. I think you became a real pothead.

Johnny: * shrugs and takes a hit*
by vanwright June 26, 2011
briana lynn c. aka pinkcat

biggest pothead evar

she can take a phat hit off a 3 footer

she can be high as fuck and no one would know because she smokes all day errday

i want me some of that girl fasho!
yo some dank ass new crossbreed got named after that pothead pinkcat
smoke me im dope! -pinkcat
by givemesomeofdatpinkcat November 07, 2010
a person who smokes weed. doesnt matter how much or how little. also a derogatory term used by those who dont smoke to label others, to make us sound like low life ppl without goals, which isnt the case.
jason- wow that guys such a pot head, smoking dope all the time.

rob- he may like his dope, but hes still a good guy.
by dman114 June 22, 2009
Someone who is always smoking that joint
Carlos is such a pothead
by shellybabiie March 04, 2009
some one that is in love with harry potter
My brother is a total pot head. He's already seen the deathly hallows like 6 times.
by doworkbigcat November 21, 2010
a person who smokes pot alot..
brandon is a pot head; he smokes pot every opertionerty givin, like a stoner.
by rebelsXD June 17, 2009
Someone who is beyond in love/obsessed/crazy for Harry Potter.

Someone who thinks about Harry Potter basically everyday of their life, and is so obsessed they are basically diseased with HPOCD (Harry Potter Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Damn! Do you know Riley? That girl is SUCH a pothead. She has seen every movie like, 10 times, and she owns every Harry Potter book in every language, even sign language. I mean, honestly. I heard she even stalked down the entire cast while they were vacationing together in Fiji. This girl is one serious pothead.
by eevuhluelle September 17, 2011

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