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A substance that can be enjoyable, if not abused. Is usually vaporized or cooked by intelligent users who know that there is some unhealthy effects that come with pot. Weed is known to be the most frequently used illegal drug, especially by teenagers and young adults. Although it is considered less harmful then alcohol, excessive smoking of marijuana is just as bad. It is not physically addictive, but many users, especially those who started using before the age of 20, become mentally dependent on the plant.

Marijuana nowadays has much more THC (the THC is what makes you high) than it did 15 years ago. When smoked, most users experience the "munchies" (increased appetite), uncontrollable laughter, a peaceful state of mind, a lack of motivation and short-term memory loss.

Weed is usually enjoyable, but should be used with caution due to it's addictive physiological potential. The fact that it's a plant does not make it harmless. Tobacco is a plant, but is still very unhealthy when smoked. Poison Ivy is a plant as well, but do you see people rubbing it all over themselves?

Like alcohol or any other mind-altering substance, fun should be the objective and moderation, the key.
Tiffany: Do you want to go smoke weed?
John: No, thanks, I smoked some last weekend.
by vanwright July 02, 2011
A person who's mindset about smoking weed went from ''it's to have fun occasionally'' to ''going out sucks, let's get high instead''. Generally, they smoke more weed than the average pot smoker, but it's mostly about the mindset. They come to destroy the relationships they have with non-smokers and prefer to spend their time smoking weed in groups, often with people they don't even have anything else in common with. Potheads eventually stop seeing the reality that pot does have negative side effects, instead going around telling the world that government propaganda brainwashed everyone to believe pot is bad. Contrarily to a stoner, who can accept that there are some bad effects that come with weed, potheads lead themselves to believe that weed is harmless.
Michael: I dunno man, I smoked weed twice this week. I wouldn't wanna scew up my lungs and I have a basket tourny in two days.

Johnny: Coooooome on! Dude! Caffeine and alcohol are worse for you! Weed is HARMLESS, the government just tries to make people believe it's bad! Don't believe that shit!

Michael: Two months ago we were talking about the negative side effects of weed... did you forget?

Johnny: Well that's because I was brainwashed too but now I saw the light.

Michael: Riiiight.... I'm gonna go. I think you became a real pothead.

Johnny: * shrugs and takes a hit*
by vanwright June 26, 2011

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