the action of recieving a blowjob while high on reefer
"Dude, me and your sister were smokin and she gave me some POT-HEAD."
by Kevin M. Gibson December 16, 2008
a pot head is a un production cannabis consumer, not bad people but nessisarly has a run of the mill job and lifestyle. a stoner on the other hand is the oppisite (jack black, chong martin)
stoner: holy shit man.. im baked! lets fucking go adventure or paint and listen to alice in chains!"
pot head: naaa lets go watch a movie and munch hard!
stoner: could we at least prepare a increadable feast that we make from scratch out of all natural foods?!
pot head: i was thinking ceral
stoner: ummm
pot head: *snoring*
by weed? October 19, 2011
A word that annoying people who don't smoke and don't have the guts to try smoking marijuana used to define all marijuana smokers to insult them. However, stoners don't ever give a shit, and they know for a fact that people are just jealous of their carefree lifestyle.
Annoying bitch (looks directly at me while talking to some guys): I mean, who's not a pothead nowadays?
Me (listens to Wiz, obviously not giving two shits)
Annoying bitch (still looks at me): ME!!! I'm the only one who's not a pothead.
Me (yawns and falls asleep, continues on not giving two shits about her)
by GanjaIsFromAsia May 30, 2011
someone who is obssessed with weed/kush/pot and any other words that go with weed.
someone who thinks about weed all the time and thinks that its the answer for everything.
johnny: you are such a pot head.
louis: no im not. that kid brandon galarza is.
johnny: oh yeah. your right.
louis: yeah. i need some weed.
by 732isbadass March 20, 2009
I'm a pothead. Stoners and potheads are different. Stoners smoke alot, potheads talk about smoking alot, while smoking alot! A pothead will laugh at anything three days after s/he tokes, a stoner will laugh at anything, only when s/he's stoned.
Pothead = constantly has weed on the mind.
Stoner = has weed on the mind while he/she smokes.
by SuperSonicX April 22, 2006
A person who smokes weed
Lil crispy pothead ass
by Hddtgccgssgjbb January 26, 2014
A person who smoke weed.
Guy 1: Are you a pothead?
Guy 2: No.
Guy 1: Do you smoke weed?
Guy 2: Yeah.
Guy 1: That means you're a pothead...
by Benjinormous December 30, 2013

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