A person who smokes weed every day.
Once upon a time there lived a man, whose soul goal in life was to get high every day of his life. His name, was Smokey McRoaches, and by his name he did so. This man is a Pothead!
by Smokey McRoaches April 29, 2011
people stereotype a pot head as anyone who smokes dope,weed,pot,grass etc.. But the correct definition of a pot head is someone who smokes alone. If you are with people it is perfectly okay to light up, but once you start relying on the dope, and light up alone, you are officially known as a pot head.
"evan lit up last night."
"i think so"
"what a pot head"
by megg the egg July 02, 2009
I'm a pothead. Stoners and potheads are different. Stoners smoke alot, potheads talk about smoking alot, while smoking alot! A pothead will laugh at anything three days after s/he tokes, a stoner will laugh at anything, only when s/he's stoned.
Pothead = constantly has weed on the mind.
Stoner = has weed on the mind while he/she smokes.
by SuperSonicX April 22, 2006
A word that annoying people who don't smoke and don't have the guts to try smoking marijuana used to define all marijuana smokers to insult them. However, stoners don't ever give a shit, and they know for a fact that people are just jealous of their carefree lifestyle.
Annoying bitch (looks directly at me while talking to some guys): I mean, who's not a pothead nowadays?
Me (listens to Wiz, obviously not giving two shits)
Annoying bitch (still looks at me): ME!!! I'm the only one who's not a pothead.
Me (yawns and falls asleep, continues on not giving two shits about her)
by GanjaIsFromAsia May 30, 2011
Someone who smokes a lot of weed. Most of the time they can function in society with no problem at all. They are successful people who just like to smoke weed. However there are always those people who smoke weed all day and cannot function. Those are called losers.

Pothead is not a term to be used lightly. You cannot start calling yourself a pothead until others do first. Its like a pothead rule man.

Potheads only smoke pot. Maybe a little shrooms but no hard drugs. If a pothead does a hard drug they move into the term "druggie" which is almost a complete opposite from pothead. Potheads are cool, druggies are quite lame.
"Dude, your such a pothead."

"Tim is such a pothead, yet he gets on the High honors every Semester."
by Mary J. Emerson May 29, 2009
someone who is obssessed with weed/kush/pot and any other words that go with weed.
someone who thinks about weed all the time and thinks that its the answer for everything.
johnny: you are such a pot head.
louis: no im not. that kid brandon galarza is.
johnny: oh yeah. your right.
louis: yeah. i need some weed.
by 732isbadass March 20, 2009
The way you call someone a pothead who would take offense with it
That kid over there is such a po thead, the funniest thing is he thinks no one knows about it
by Hartford Steamer September 30, 2004

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