A person who smokes Marijuana a lot.

PoTThead - A Harry Potter-nerd.
I don't think an example of pothead is necessary...
by olgafekbena October 27, 2011
A person who smoke weed.
Guy 1: Are you a pothead?
Guy 2: No.
Guy 1: Do you smoke weed?
Guy 2: Yeah.
Guy 1: That means you're a pothead...
by Benjinormous December 30, 2013
Somebody that basically spends their entire day getting very stoned, smoking the dopes.
David is always stoned, he is the ultimate pothead.
by HeadlessInsanity April 22, 2009
A person who smokes pot 24/7.
Pot Heads are known for they're constantly bloodshot eyes, laid-back attitudes, crazy comments, and fun spirits
Heather: Whooa man.
Nikki: Dude, these windows are fucking fuggy!
Heather: Wait? What the fuck is Fuggy?
*Uncontrolably Laughing*
Nikki: Dude! So you're names Fuggy.
Heather. Man.. and you're trippy. I KNOW! Whassup Tripppppy?!
Trippy: Damn Fuuuuuuggy!
Fuggy: whassup?
Trippy: Muchies, maaaaaan!
Fuggy: You're a Pot Head
by Heather Zombie August 31, 2007
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