one who smokes large amounts of weed continuously, uses weed daily; people think they're high when they aren't; carry eyedrops, lighters, and body spray with them at all times; complains when not high or getting high
a.k.a. heather, keagan, me, kassi, jolly, rob, taylor(wanna be pothead), and digger

A)You are a phucking pothead!
B)No i'm not you are
C)Hey you stupid phucks hit this blunt before it's gone
by midnighttoker May 12, 2006
A person that smokes pot everyday of every hour of the day Man
Id be smoking Blunts all day long im a Pothead but dont forget theres always a Bong Toking Alcoholic HAHA!
by MiLLHoUsE May 05, 2004
A fairly relaxed person, just sticks to pot, isn't gonna get into some hardcore stuff (druggie or junkie). People generally are okay with pot heads, they don't bother people as much, stoners bother people a little more, and druggies are so drugged up that they are assholes.
Afroman is a well liked rapper who gets fame by pot heads and is thus viewed himself as a pot head
by Panicbyzeppelin October 11, 2008
1. A person who enjoys the feeling of being high more than not. 2. Usually a functional member of society who can do a bong hit and still function at work or at home. 3. Someone who has to constantly defend their habit of smoking pot to people who think they are potheads. 4. Laid back, usually unintentionally hilariarous people, who have successful lives with jobs and homes and everything. These people rarely progress to using HARD DRUGS (anything other than pot). 5. Someone who believes that anything that grows naturally out of God's green Earth is not an unacceptable item for human consumption. If you have to cook it up, THEN it's a hard drug.
"I'm not a pothead. Where's my bong?"
by Bongity B. June 14, 2009
a person that loves and enjoys weed. most people curse us but they are just upset that they ether cant find any weed or are broke. also most pot heads don't know they are pot heads they just think they enjoy smoking weed. i'm not a pot head'm so high.
by b3r1a7d December 12, 2007
somebody who spends at least 75% of their money on pot, and have smoked so much, that they can't remember what day it is anymore. usually, a pothead doesn't do much but sit around with friends and blaze.. very rarely are they sober...
damn, those guys are such potheads! they're always fucked up
by kissy January 10, 2004
someone who spokes a shitload of pot, and more than likely wont stop for a while
god damn that guy is such a fucking pothead.
by bitch March 06, 2005
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