the kindest, chillest, most loving teenagers you will ever meet.
minus the greedy ones.
student 1:did you see john last period? he came up and hugged me for no reason, then he braided my hair!
student 2: sweetie, he's a pothead.
student 1:oooooooh.
by degrassilvr135 August 17, 2007
well there are so many kinds of pot heads. Theres really not one good Definition because its always different for every person who gets high on weed.

My definition is someone who gets high on a daily base, enjoys its, and only sticks to pot.
Mel: what did you do today?

Ren: nothing got high.

Mel: What else do you have planned.

Ren: ugh maybe get high again.

Mel: Whhat.... Ren your just a pot head.

by thee person October 28, 2010
A pothead is someone who smokes a great deal of marijuana, so much so that they smoke through their entire stash of cannabis the day before 4/20...which they bought specifically FOR 4/20 ...and which they bought TWO DAYS before 4/20.
John and Mary are just your average stoners, smoking up for 4/20. I, however, am a pothead, and my eyes are glazed over from smoking an 1/8th by myself on 4/19.
by anna8877 April 19, 2009
Somebody that basically spends their entire day getting very stoned, smoking the dopes.
David is always stones, he is the ultimate pothead
by HeadlessInsanity April 22, 2009
the action of recieving a blowjob while high on reefer
"Dude, me and your sister were smokin and she gave me some POT-HEAD."
by Kevin M. Gibson December 16, 2008
a pot head is a un production cannabis consumer, not bad people but nessisarly has a run of the mill job and lifestyle. a stoner on the other hand is the oppisite (jack black, chong martin)
stoner: holy shit man.. im baked! lets fucking go adventure or paint and listen to alice in chains!"
pot head: naaa lets go watch a movie and munch hard!
stoner: could we at least prepare a increadable feast that we make from scratch out of all natural foods?!
pot head: i was thinking ceral
stoner: ummm
pot head: *snoring*
by weed? October 19, 2011
Someone who smokes a bowl in the staircase at school, every day, before classes, after classes, before work, after work, for dinner. Wakes and bakes.

Lives and breathes the GANJA!

Don't get it confused with a stoner, stoner's smoke in moderation.
Random ass: "Yooo, Sophia's boyfriend Chad is a fucking pothead. She smokes like 3 times every few months, Chad smokes 3 times every few hours. "
by Angel Blunt October 09, 2011

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