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An articulate, intelligent individual who thrives to achieve a certain perspective in life by par-taking in the smoking of cannabis. Do not confuse with "Pothead." For a stoner to be called one is a downright insult. Stoners will often smoke before conducting most activities.
Liz: What grade did you get?
John: Hahah. I actually got a B+
Liz: WTF, a B+?? But your a pothead!
John: Hey, just because I smoke bud doesn't mean I'm a pothead. Get it straight bitch, I'm a stoner!
by Bud.Guy November 09, 2007
A stupid son-of-a-bitch. One who gives people who smoke cannabis a bad name. The reason why stoners are looked down upon. Cannabis smokers who wishes they were a stoner.
Jimmy: Dude, I'm blazed right now!
John: Ok... what do you wanna do?
Jimmy: Dunno. Uhhh... lets go get some munchies, and tacos and food! And then we can come back and watch Ren & Stimpy!
John: *sighs* Fuckin pothead...
by Bud.Guy November 09, 2007

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