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Same as english usage "suppose to"
I was posta go to school today but I didn't.
by Jungle March 18, 2003
13 5
An abbreviation of the word suppose, something you should do or you are suppose to do.
you are posta stop at da red light
by Christine Smith July 19, 2005
11 4
contraction for the words "suppose to"
"Hey, Tony, you're not 'posta be smoking in the house!"
by Laura Messer May 07, 2008
2 1
A small round glowing orb that is ejaculated out of a man's belly button when over bloated and sexually aroused simultaneously.

It can be controlled telepathically and is scolding to the touch.

It is often mistaken for a small food sex fairy, but is actually immensely dangerous.
I went over to Denises' house and ate over half the pizza, she began to take her clothes off, and my postum came out.

I haven't seen Jenelle in a few days, Jon must've shot his postum at her again.
by Hydrox Cheezels April 27, 2009
2 2