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An abbreviation of the word suppose, something you should do or you are suppose to do.
you are posta stop at da red light
by Christine Smith July 19, 2005
Same as english usage "suppose to"
I was posta go to school today but I didn't.
by Jungle March 18, 2003
contraction for the words "suppose to"
"Hey, Tony, you're not 'posta be smoking in the house!"
by Laura Messer May 07, 2008
A small round glowing orb that is ejaculated out of a man's belly button when over bloated and sexually aroused simultaneously.

It can be controlled telepathically and is scolding to the touch.

It is often mistaken for a small food sex fairy, but is actually immensely dangerous.
I went over to Denises' house and ate over half the pizza, she began to take her clothes off, and my postum came out.

I haven't seen Jenelle in a few days, Jon must've shot his postum at her again.
by Hydrox Cheezels April 27, 2009
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