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5 definitions by Keezy

Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.
That is so damn baller!
by Keezy May 06, 2003
Hanging out
We are chillin posted at my dude's house.
by Keezy May 02, 2003
when you diss someone or talking bad about them
"How you gon talk bout my mama, you tryin to get out on me."
by Keezy February 22, 2006
you're high off drugs
"Man Im geek'd up off dat weed man."
by Keezy February 22, 2006
Of use bad english, make say have no sense.
The Plug 4 have want to pimp, but girls like man other.
by Keezy February 14, 2003