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n. A cigarette.

v. To smoke a cigarette


Stray post- n. A half smoked cigarette, picked up from an ash tray or off of the ground, to be smoked to completion for free.

Post up- v. To smoke a cigarette. An invitation or request usually made by
n. "Hey, can I bum a post?"

"I'm all out of posterettes."

v. "Who's tryina post/post-up witcha boy?"
by cashedkid October 13, 2010
To stay where you are put. To hang out somewhere.
Hey Rob, I'm jsut going to post here tonight.
by Jaret Johnson July 13, 2004
Acronym for "Power On Self Test", The term is used to define the sequence your computer initiates when turned on.. checking the ram and available drives.. etc

It's before you see the Windows or Linux screen
<Derek> My Computer's screwed
<AndyRoo> Does it complete the POST?
by Matthew1471 November 13, 2004
An excuse to create other genres of music.
Failure: "Do you listen to any Post-Hardcore Melodic Death Punk?"

Me: "Get the fuck out."
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 25, 2009
for a female to ejaculate all over a hookup's bed, usually leaving an embarrassing stain
Dude, she totally Posted all over my sheets!
by pooooooooooost February 03, 2010
Police Officers Standards and Training. The real name for the police academy.
S.T.U.M.P. officer: "I just got out of P.O.S.T., so I know everything."
by California Cop December 09, 2007
A piece of wood or metal stuck in the ground.
I ran into the wooden post used to keep the barbwore fence up.
by Q-Y January 24, 2005
A male homosexual who exclusively engages in anal sexual activity from the receiving end; a catcher
"That guy wanted to suck my dick! What a post!"
"I don't mind fucking, but it's your turn to post"
"For $5 I'll fuck you in the ass, but if ya want me to post it's gonna cost $20"
by Hooligan1/125INF December 24, 2006