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1. The act of having vigorous sexual intercourse with someone.

2. Actively hunting for pigs in their natural habitat.
1a. I heard that in 1986 a ninja broke the world record all over the planet by porking 500 hot babes at once.

1b. I really wanna make a Paris Hilton style video tape where I'm porking that Heather girl that works at the mall, man she's hot.

2. The fall is pig season, so I usually go out porking around late september, or early october. I just listen for the squealing/snorting and then shoot my RC-P90 in the general direction. MMMmmm... Pork...
by TonecasT February 03, 2004
sexual intercourse.
"I saw Skot and Rosie porking in Anna's bedroom! I screamed when I saw Skot's balls slapping Rosie's ass!"
by LindseyRae June 09, 2009
The act of having sex, or fucking.
Porking is sex without the art
Porking is dirty, nasty sex that includes Vaginal Chainsaw Massacres, Boston Pancakes, or the notorious Hot Karl
Woodcock's porking this guys mom!!!
by The Murphinator January 19, 2010
Multiple acts of vigorous sexual intercourse.

Plural of porking.
Dude! I'm totally going to score so many porkings this week that I won't scooge straight!
by Hamez "Beef Whistle" Peeyorvaez October 03, 2005
The movement of flapping your arms with your knees in a slight bent while dancing with a steady in-place trot to rhythmic music.
by LaniPlaza November 18, 2013
the act of lifting your leg like a dog and then emitting toxic gas from your anus. commonly brought up when talking about being burritoed.
Matt smirked and began porking in the middle of his AP Environmental Science class.
by white muddaafuggaaa November 01, 2011
A derogatory term used for sexual intercourse.
This term is widely recognised in the southern county of Hampshire - mainly in Basingstoke and the dark corners of Winchester.
'Oi mate did you pork her last night?'

'Yeah mate, right in the loin - I was porking her all night'
by Porkatron June 29, 2014
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