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A woman that has extra large, well endowed inner labia.
Damn her inner labia is blossoming like cauliflower!
by vagina whisperer August 30, 2008
Verb: To drive as fast as you can and masturbate at the same time, keeping your hand with the speed and power of the vehicle.
I just Cauliflowered to relieve the stress of the day.

Cauliflowering is like BLT all over the steering wheel.
by Thug Nasty Nasty November 06, 2013
A word at Pizza Factory used to ask a co-worker whether they would sleep with the girl customer that just walked into the restaraunt.

The responding worker than replies either yes, no, or while drunk.
worker #1: (girl walks into restaraunt) "Cauliflower"
worker #2: "meh...probably while drunk."
by paintbllr2008 July 01, 2007
Small, white nuggets which form within the tonsils and, when noticed in one's mouth should be removed. Avoid squeezing them or chewing on them, as they smell quite fecal when they burst.
I coughed, and up came a cauliflower.
Don't squeeze that between your fingers... It'll smell like shit.
by BAM July 31, 2004
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