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fucked, had sex with, etc.
I porked your mom, or have you ever porked before?
by Jason November 23, 2003
The past-tense of the work pork which means to penetrate or penetrated.
Oh man, I porked so many people last night at the party it wasn't even funny.
by lalaalaala May 24, 2005
to fuck in the asshole and/or the coochie. usually in a hard manner
that hoe was askin for it, so i porked the shit outta that bitch
by dj mike January 06, 2005
What Dave did to Shay at a hotel! I porked her hard!
by Detroitfucking March 05, 2014
The act of having a pig shot at you.
Dood that fucking prawn just porked you.
by Kemystboy1 October 18, 2009
When you get raped by a pig.
I just got porked by that pig from Charlotte's Web.
by rehabis4quitters September 15, 2007
Broken or not working properly.
The Internet connection is porked. I can't access any sites to do research for my assignment.
by watman April 07, 2009