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Chillin on a porch for an extended amount of time. Preferably smoking, drinking brews, and watching the cops roll on by.
Cunter: What happened to all the tree you had?
Jason: After the party died we went porching til the sun came up.
Cunter: Aw shit, son, you know how to kill sack.
by shaizer grape July 10, 2008
The act of taking unwanted, outdated, or stolen merchandise to the highest floor of a house or apartment and throwing said merchandise over the balcony or out the window. This usually takes place after copious amounts of drinking or from excessive boredom. Typical items to be porched are old bicycles, Betamax VCRs, fried computer monitors, etc. On a rare occasion a stolen Honda scooter might be porched. It is preferred that a crowd be gathered at the base of the dwelling to spread the enjoyment amongst as many as possible.
Mikey drank a whole bottle of Cuervo the other night and decided porching his roommate's futon would be a good idea. It got pretty ugly after that.
by The Slow Kid September 21, 2007
the act of sitting on a porch and talking, possibly devising the master plan. when all else fails, go porching and soon everyone will be content.
"bro whats going on tonight?"
"no idea, but we're porching now."
"straight. i'll be right there."
by tpow10292 January 02, 2010
Verb. The act of taking unwanted items (ie, those found at curbside trash receptacles, large objects from spring cleaning) and placing them on the porch of unwitting occupants.
"Let's go porching with this broken toilet and Old Navy mannequin."
by Porching Creator October 30, 2013
Porch-ing; pohrch-uhing

-noun, verb

The act of trespassing onto someone else's property, making yourself comfortable on their porch, patio or deck and chilling for as long as the situation allows--preferably with an alcoholic beverage in hand, whilst devising a master plan for your next target, and capturing the moment in time.

Variations of porching include, but are not limited to:

Engaging in a daring or sexual act on a porch, patio or deck, or any outdoor structure that belongs to an utter and complete stranger.
Andy: What's the crack for tonight Kenny, wanna go Planking?
Kenny: We're going porching bruvva, that shit's way baller than planking
by Kenny 'Austin' Powers August 01, 2011
noun, verb, adjective; engaging in a sexual act on a porch, patio, deck, or any outdoor unenclosed public structure.
"I love porching fresh meat!"

"Lord Savage is totally outside porching some ugly chick."

"Hey whats that thumping noise coming from outside? Oh thats just some people porching."
by freshporch06 September 04, 2006
Porching - Verb - to porch. - to party hard. While simultaneously chilling, hard. Can be done on any porch/deck setting, however is most typically found being practiced on the porch of 79 Henry Street. Generally begins during the afternoon and can be known to last for hours. Many beers are generally consumed, with the company of loud music.
It was a nice day outside so Jordan and I decided to go porching.
by adormi April 08, 2010

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