v. to be a bitch right in another persons face. Also to be an obnoxious piece of shit.
All of her roommates are pissed at her. She was talking with someone and gave a cunter rundown of her opinion of each of them.
by Dell556 April 21, 2010
Term used for a male whore that hunts for cunt
Tim is such a cunter he has had sex with 10 girls this week.
by tree1221 December 16, 2005
a cunter is a cunt hunter, meaning that he is a player and is on a quest to find and fuck as many vaginas as possible.
That dude is such a cunter. He cuntered me and five other girls.
by dawgstothesquared November 20, 2010
a persons mother who displays extreme bitch behavior
his mom is such a bitch he should introduce her as his cunter!
by gmb2009 July 08, 2009
One who preforms the act of a cunt.
"That cunter sued my friend.... so I sued that cunter for his computer."
by Vash the stoner December 23, 2006
To be used in conjunction (for added emphasis) with "cunting" in describing a person (usually a man) who is a cunt.
Listen to me you cunting cunter, if you park in my space again I'll
by Malcolm April 28, 2004
Someone who always has cock on the mind, and often partakes in a spot of cock-hunting.
Rachel: It's cunting season next week, I cannot wait to ravage all of this cock. I'm such a cunter.
by Badman68768465 January 13, 2012

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