A popular toaster pastry that comes in a wide variety of flavors. Its imperative that anytime one is seen out of its wrapper, "POPTART" must be screeched.
Friend: "Yum, a Poptart"
You: "POPTART!!!"
Friend : *cowers with fear at noisy friend*
by MEEEP!KATZEN! July 08, 2010
The calling or naming someone a hore with an erection
Girl: Mommy mommy i want the new Brittany Spears album!!
Mom: No don't listen to that poptart. She is a bad influence.
by SoulEater79 May 14, 2010
a smutty girl that gets jizzed all over their faces.
Poptart has strawberry cream all over her face.
by Jessicasss February 06, 2007
A cheap or easy girl. A prostitute between the ages of 11 and 14.

A girl between 11 and 14 that dresses provocatively.
Wow! That poptart's wearing the same thong as you, honey.
by sillygirl69 November 25, 2006
A sex act, of teabagginga female while in a tanning bed, and cumming on her, like a poptart in an toster oven.
I'd like to pop tart that fine ass beezy!
by brian, andrew, steven September 17, 2006
1)When a breast implant explodes or expands inside of a woman's breast.
2)An extremely good snack when frozen or even when heated.
1)Wow! Did Pamela Anderson almost have a poptart.
2)Mmmmm....Gotta love those poptarts.
by Tyler Oulette April 10, 2006
Someone who is hard on the outside and and sweet in the middle. By sweet, i mean someone who is a pussy.
Nigga you a Poptart, nigga, you a Poptart, sweet in da middle!
by MikeDieselX October 24, 2011

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