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Another Word For Two People Who Are So Alike It's Unreal.. Could Be Seperated By Birth As Twins, Bros Or Sistahs Or Could Share The Same Humour. Similar In Thoughts N Actions Blazas Cannot Be Apart..
They Are Soul Mates
Jimmy: Dude You Know Lauren.. She's My Blaza I Just Cannot Be Without Her

Baz: Fam.. I Have A Girl Like That =]
by JimmyBabyy March 30, 2008
To be sophisticated or supreme; on top of it all.
This is Blaza! These are some Blaza women up in this joint tonight!
by Be it as it may April 28, 2009
Someone who blazes a lot (smokes a lot of herb); less derogatory than stoner or pothead
Ian: That dude's a straight pothead, smoking too much weed all the time
Jascha: Nah, peep dem blunts full of purp, the blaza's got a sharp head on his shoulders
by Otavio March 15, 2006
A homosexual rapper who fabricates their lifestyle through trying to personify a hardcore tone when speaking or overall image.
Any song by artists such as Therapist,Nelly or Ja Rule.
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
Any hiphop artist who loses a rap battle to anyone over the age of thirty.
Ravenous murdering Therapist.
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
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