A dolt, a person who is pleasant when you first meet them, but then that all goes out the window... Like when you eat a poptart as an adult, you're first instinct is OMG this is going to be awesome!! And then you take that first and last bite...
A douche bag male that thinks he's gods gift to women, wow that douche is a total poptart
A dense slark/slut that thinks she's way hotter than she is.

A Joe Marino or Amie Bereson
by pinksparkles88 May 09, 2012
Top Definition
Food to the Gods
God eats poptarts
by Sam Kimport October 27, 2003
A delicious pastry, commonly prepared by being toastered or microwaved.
Let's eat some Pop Tarts before class.
by Del the Funky Homosapien November 11, 2004
A delicious treat that comes in many flavors, the best flavor being Smores.

Warning: Do not attempt to heat a pop tart in the microwave for three seconds. If you do, the pop tart will still be cold, a most infuriating discovery.
What is this?
This pop tart is still cold!
What IS this?
by Justin Kay July 07, 2006
the single item of food that got me through college
ive only got 4 poptarts left for the next 2 weeks im gonna die
by heightofhysteria October 17, 2003
n. Slang term used for a slutty virgin in her early teens who everyone expects will get knocked up soon.
"I have a bunch of f*cking annoying pop tarts in my english class."
by MC Derf and Andriznles July 30, 2006
2 definitions

These are overly sweet pastry thingies that you put in the toaster and often end up setting your house on fire as they catch fire in the toaster. If you manage to get them out of the toaster without setting them on fire, you burn seven shades of shit outta your tongue. The filling is just like molten lava.

These are also all the female pop-ettes around today who, if they hadn't become famous, would have been prostitutes. They wear fewer clothes than hookers, invariably have had multiple boob jobs, move their bodies/ass around to simulate sex, and their videos are one step away from outright porn (Christina Ag is the exception - hers are def porn). These females only exist to be validated by how sexy men think they are. They have no other sense of self-worth other than that criteria. They are on a long line of conveyor belt media-manufactured pap in the original mold of barbie.
Ex. 1 - Strawberry, blueberry, apple, choc flavour etc.

Ex. 2 - Female pussycats - yeah ok you look hot whatever. Next.
by Missy M August 03, 2005
An extremely delicious treat.
"Gimme yo' Pop Tarts, bitch, before I cap you."
by BrianNJ November 27, 2007
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