1. A stereotypically ditzy, preppy sort of girl (usually in high school) concerned with little more than how long it'll take her nails to dry, whether or not Muffy is fucking her boyfriend, and when Britney Spears' next single is coming out.
2. Any obvious fan of bubblegum pop music.
God, I have a headache. This hallway's crawling with fucking poptarts.
by Kitteh May 07, 2005
a lip synching teeny bopper bimbo on Mtv who acts trampy (pick one)
Mtv is the pop tart channel
by mung the merciless December 10, 2003
fruity rectangle figures that usually get your day started and makes you want to have more in the middle of the day.
Me 3 hours ago (damn your poptarts!)
by Dokido October 07, 2008
hard on the surface, but soft in the middle. a person who wants others to perceive them as hardcore, but in reality, this person is really a little bitch.
you a poptart. i eat you for breakfast.
by wreckage February 10, 2003
Some one of simple nature that does not have the basic instincts to navigate themselves through life.
Bromandudeguy1: Why is Simple Jack eating toothpaste?
Bromandudeguy2: Because Simple Jack is a real poptart.
by ChuckWagon19 November 05, 2010
gay bunch of people that aint as hard as they seem
look at those people over there they a bunch of poptarts
by jays January 28, 2005

pop one of those bad boys in the toaster or microwave..and BAM you got yourself a snack
poptarts come in chocolate, s'mores, strawberry, apple, blueberry, sprinkles on top etc...

too many to name.
by _bang October 30, 2005
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