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To lie.
To tell somone things that aren't true.
To say something untrue.
To say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody.
I just can't believe he could stand there and just feed me those lines.
That's just a load of feed.
Feed man feed, no way!
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
To steal, or take without intent to pay back or to return.
The pop machine just gibbsed my money.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
A line used to ask somone if they know where to buy some drugs.
Hey matt, so do you know anything?
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
A sissy. Somone who can't stick up for themselves. Somone who runs from a fight. Somone who is lame.
Shut the fuck up and stop acting like such a pansy.
by Strands57 December 22, 2006
Somthing really cool or sweet. Somthing good.
Dude, so i just feel bomb right now.
This is just bomb my parents are going out of town.
So i just got a new car it's just bomb.
Bomb dude.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
Another word for cocaine
A drug
Tonight i'm goin to do some blogart!
Blogart for the nose.
by Strands57 December 20, 2006
To lend someone something.
To give someone something, with the idea they will at one point do it for you in return.
Hey, bum me a cig.
Bum me some gum.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
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