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34 definitions by krista

Simple Life 2--> Often said by Paris Hilton in a monotone voice meaning almost anything.
P:Where are you from?
P:Thats hot


P: What colour is your shirt
L: Green
P: Thats hot
by Krista June 25, 2004
206 65
a.k.a. "the bucket", "the trash basket", MB

massachusetts and new hampshire supermarket chain. motto: "market basket, where you can get more for your dollar". characterized by cheap pay and horrible working conditions (crabby old ladies, leaky chicken, squashed grapes, etc.) overall, a wretched place to work.
good ol' store #48 in haverhill, ma
by Krista August 19, 2003
85 37
A man who spends more time in the bathroom, more money on hair & skin products, goes to the salon more, and has more culinary & interior decorating knowledge than most women.
Carson Daly
by Krista December 18, 2003
222 187
To be in the middle of nowhere.
Where sitting in a town in M.O.P.A.N
by krista September 24, 2003
25 12
a large vein in the penis area that becomes very noticable when the subject is aroused or in some cases angry
after my boyfriend found out i cheated on him i could see his penis vein
by krista February 22, 2004
18 7
Like Orlando Bloom, Mr. Depp is over-rated, and looks good in eye-liner. Although his acting is supurb, and he is a mighty hot beast, people take their love for him, WAY TOO FAR!
This chick wrote a book about raping Jonny Depp, how sick!
by Krista April 06, 2005
49 39
describes somehting cool.
"man. dat movie was holloman.
by krista May 07, 2005
11 6