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like the word says, a scoop to scoop poop.
It's a scoop that many diggers use, even for earth, but in this case it's only used for poop!
A dog pooped in my garden!

Use a poop scoop!

The poop collector has arrived!

Get your poop in order, you better have some poop to share with this guy, 'cause noone messes with the poopman!
by fukaface! June 01, 2011
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A less extreme word on the same scale of magnitude-description as shitloads, both in coarseness and extremity of magnitude conveyed. It is also cuter.
Piracetam helped me poopscoops when it came to "reclaiming" some sorts of brain function.
by mahdiou February 09, 2011
scooping up someones poop and laying it on their mouth, they awaken with a mouth full of turd and usually beat you up.
friend: what happened to Larry?
You: oh he got beat up by Bob
Friend: Why?
You: He poopscooped him
by mr.farwelllmo April 25, 2011
A scooper with a thin handle used to pick up large quantities of dung. Sometimes, do to heavy dung, the scoop will break
Steven: Your shit broke my Poopscoop! :(
by mrbackflip January 28, 2009
to scrape the left over poop off of a kittens ass with a nilla wafer
after the kitty pooed i poop scooped the dangeler on his anus
by mr. taco man October 24, 2007
When person is so silly or ridiculous they're such a pooper. But their poopiness get so out of hand and it affects the people around them, like their scooping up their poop and using it for silliness. They're just being a Poop Scoop.
James, you're such a poop scoop!
by plop100 October 17, 2011

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