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Any plastic "zip-loc" container used to seal up and seperate product for sale.Cleat "jewelry" bags or with trademarks or designs.
After all the weed was divided up into nickel sized baggies,and the coke into quarter gram baggies,Igor hit the corner to get his ends.
by the tweaker February 16, 2004
A little plastic bag used to carry weed, usually referred to a 20AUD deal(1 gram or stick)
I gotta make a baggie to pack this shit in.
by Neo G September 25, 2003
A condom
Don't take chances, wear a baggie.
a bad hangover
Fuck dude I'm in a baggie today
by behindthekit February 04, 2010
Short for douche bag
he is such a baggie

douche bag douche bag baggie baggy
by crfjxw December 05, 2010