stuff that leaves the anus
the norm: when u sit down push a few times, get up.

the oh my god hurry up poop: whenu sit down for a few years and its only have way done;

corn poop: the ones where ther is corn?

lifeguard poop:the poop that floats on the surface and insists on having a party by maiking the other poops float

best friend poop: the poop that never leaves u.
by shmanderzlii December 09, 2008
It's what you doo.
The poop comes from within.
by The Aaron Man July 17, 2008
things that monkeys fling
get him bobo!! "thwap"
by jessica February 09, 2004
Fecal matter caca poopy poo poo dung scat stool droppings; Funny in theory, not in practice.
Saying you are going to poop on your brother's pillow while he sleeps will buy you some laughs.

Actually pooping on your brother's pillow while he sleeps might just buy you a ticket on the crazy train that heads to the looney bin...
A corn log.
Golden brown floater.
Taking the kids to the pool.
losing weight.
A Cpt. Brown Eye Wink.
long range torpedo.

Why's poop tapered at the end? So your ass hole doesn't slam shut.
by Cosmo April 10, 2003
✈ An popular restaurant term that's an acronym for:




-Boss: Well first you have to learn a key lesson in fine dining
-Employee: Whats that?
-Boss: POOP!!!!!
-Employee: Ummm.... excuse me?

Man, P.O.O.P. a lot!
by Mr.SP March 30, 2009
from spongebob squarepants

When you work at the Krusty Krab, you have to understand the phrase poop.
by ur gay April 02, 2004
POOP - People Order Our Patties from episode "Krusty Krab Training Video" of TV show Spongebob Squarepants. The real meaning behind this naming created by the human animators is that in the sea, the burger patty is actually shit from human civilization dumped into the ocean where the fishes and sea creatures that eat Krabby Pattys are actually eating the matter of human civilization shit.
Narrator: Ah, poop! You never let us down! - "P.O.O.P." never stops falling into the ocean.
by Dariush7992 July 09, 2011

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