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the sound that occours when Tony Danza gives you a giant cock slap on your forhead
THWAP! you just got owned by tony danza
by american_jesus June 18, 2004
Playful hit around the head, usually done with some sort of random object, such as a book.
Harriet gave Manda a thwap with a large tuna fish.
by Harriet---x November 18, 2006
To hit or slap someone with just your pointer finger.

The rules of the Thwap are:
A) A Thwap is performed as a joke
B) You dont Thwap someone you dont know..Ever
C) A Thwap is only a Thwap when saying "Thwap" as you Thwap... Got it?
Today I got a Thwap from my best friend because she wouldn't give me half her pop tart.
by July 21, 2011
a very quick cat slap or touch
in play, or when unsure about something, a cat will thwap the object, other cat or person
by lame cliche September 29, 2009
To rub or whack your girlfriend in the face with your penis. Preferably done unexpectedly and while an erection is present. A great way to wake them up!

Cousin of the dutch oven.
penis: thwap!

annoyed girlfriend: "why do you have to be so strange?"
by Josh V February 09, 2008
Crude definition of the female mammory glands. Its origina is close to that of "Baps" which means the same thing.

Pronounced "th-waps"

Most often used when trying to exemplify how huge or great they are. So baps would be on one level but if desribed as "thwaps" it takes extra tongue dexterity to pronounce thus more effort thus ramming home the fact that these breasts were far out of this world.
The thwaps on that chick are huge.
by Track7 February 20, 2005
noun. Short,loud,loose slapping sound.
As of large spider being sucked up a vacuum cleaner pipe.
by Wlm Wheed May 08, 2005
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