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Part of the anus that cuts turds (Poo cutter) while performing number 2. Other wise known as the o-ring or balloon knot.
I was at the gym and grunted so hard, I blew my pook out.
by shabogan January 02, 2012
2 1
To offer an excuse to get out of an event, deny responsibility
Why didn't he come to the party? He totally pooked out.

to pook:

He pooked out yet again!
by snowsh July 10, 2011
2 1
Vomiting and pooing at the same time, usually after hard nights of drinking in excess it may cause you to pook, the definition is a combination of pooing and puking at the same time. Also known as coming out of both ends.
Josh drank way to much last night and ended up in the bathroom pooking all morning
by BeeR411 February 05, 2011
1 0
nickname of something super cute and cuddly.
"Awh Pook, you`re cute, and I`m sorry, but I had to put this up to annoy you. (:
by ashmend April 21, 2008
6 5
When one poops and then pukes or vice-versa. Sometimes pook can also mean pooping and puking at the same time, usually leaving a huge mess.
1. Dude! I'm so full I could pook all of that Indian food. Its for sure coming out one way or another.

2. I partied way to hard last night and pooked. The bathroom was a wrecked.
by SwagCobra June 18, 2011
1 1
Pook is someone who loves a Cheaspeak. Most commonly known as "peek."

Pook loves peek.
Pook loves peek.
by lil cheek cheek April 12, 2011
1 1
verb: when something squishy puffs outwards
When your belly pooks out of your shirt, you know you need a size larger.
by Madame Flawless January 02, 2011
1 2