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When you are simultaneously pooping and puking. Usually Diarrhea.
Thankfully when I was in Africa my toilet and sink lined up for my pooking.

I heard Susan pooking all night long keeping everyone in the house awake. The bucket worked well this time.
by Kenny Evans April 08, 2007
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(v.) Act of relaxation involving the intake of multiple sources of media (i.e. television, music, computer social networking) while ingesting snack foods, preferably of the chip variety.
I thought about going to my sister's house. But since I've been so tired, I've just been pooking here all day.
by ThatKhet November 27, 2010
The act of pooping and puking at the same time.
I was so hungover that I started pooking this morning.
by APALLeN July 12, 2014
Pooping and puking simultaneously or in close succession.
I heard you got food poisoning. How long was it before you stopped pooking?
by pandaplay October 05, 2011
Uncontrollable urge to want on need someone.
I was pooking hard for the plane to arrive
by UseMyWords March 12, 2010
When one has an intestinal blockage for so long that a fully-formed turd reverses itself and is puked (or "pooked") up.
Britta: Where's Billy?

Brindi: I think he's sick.

Anders: He's in the bathroom pooking up a turd!
by Panda Lundberg February 21, 2008

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