A term of endearment. Usually used in the romantic or silly sense. Geared more towars the male of relationships. It can be used interchangably with Pookums,Pookie and Pookus Maximus.



by Phorty40 February 22, 2008
1.an adorable kid
2.a fat bitch
1. Awww, that little kid was such a pook!
2. Uhh. That nasty girl just supersized her meal at mcdonalds. What a pook!
by XingXing February 22, 2008
the sound a frog makes while jumping into a puddle of tomato juice.
That is pook.
by Lineah August 30, 2008
1. A yound one's fart. 2. What you tell a child when they fart. 3. The noise of a fart when it's short, quick, sharp, and dry.
Mother telling child, "You make pook!"
by Arnie Schiffer May 11, 2008
An exclamation used to show frustration, such as "oh dear" or "dammit"

Also a tasty Scandanavian finger sandwich.
"Oh Pook! You ate my pook!"
a small amount of meth or dope
Hey man can I score some pook.
by MikefuckinMyers February 15, 2009
slang or derogatory term for a young member of the polish population, like a baby, or toddler; a small or young polak

{meaning derived from the game Balderdash; as interpreted by a high school student}
Bill: "Hey, I heard Kozlowski is having a kid,"
John: "Great, just what we need, another pook in the world."
by Steve-o who isn't a polak May 20, 2008

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