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a boy's pants worn below his butt (ostensibly because the boy wants to show off his butt to other boys because of his true homosexuality) if a boy wants to be really unique, he should be slouching without underwear! yummy boy butt!
those boys that wear their pants below their butts are really trying to show off their butts to other boys because they are really gay and want to get their butts fucked! boys that want to be unique should begin slouching without wearing underwear! yummy boy butt!
by that_dominic September 12, 2008
A human position that is commonly used while a person is sitting down. This position is also known as the "Tariq", named after the famous Tariq Ahmed. He used the art of slouching to seduce many women.
Man look at that guy slouching! He must get a lot of girls!
by Tariq Ahmed January 12, 2007

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