poo; poop; crap; shit;
dumb; ugly; stupid; silly
That restaurant serves pook!
Your new haircut is pook!
You smell like pook!
I think you trod in pook!
by TJ February 23, 2004
Sexual relations. Super hot acrobatic lovin'. "Pooky" has the same meaning.
I heard you got your pook on last night.
If we had pooked I would probably have been forced to drown myself out of disgust.
by Hannah S. June 28, 2005
to unnecessarily crank, crab, be angry or otherwise upset

pook, pooking, pooked
pooked out
after the wedgie, he was pretty pooked out.
by kendall October 28, 2004
A mangy rat-like creature. It has large grasping jaws with many incisors. It's said in ancient Podian historical records that the Pooks manifest into this form by combining human blood with the corpses of nutria that have drowned in the East Ganges River. It measures anywhere from 14 to 28" in length. One body will often multiply into 3 or more smaller beings, thus making it hard to determine a standard size. They feed on any living thing that can be heard, and have a very hard time using other senses.
As Harshul was collecting his river bells to journey home, he was suddenly torn into pieces by a gaggle of pooks.
by jerohme spye November 04, 2006
A term used by all Pooka Boyz everywhere. It's just like pooks man
Pooks McGee: Hey there lil' pooka boy!
Pracks Patterson: MAHH!!!
by Pooks McGee March 11, 2011
Affectionate term similar to buddy, mate, pal,
Alright There Pooks?
by TheBigWally October 31, 2004
A mysterious former Legendary DJ on the forums of Sosuave.com. He was highly regarded as one of the greatest DJ's who have ever lived. He was the essence of all that DJism stood for--getting women to like men. His advice, posts and contributions are the best by any single person, bar none. He started from the depths of AFCism and reached the pinnacle on DJism. He was hailed as a hero, crusading through women, a true champion. Then something happened, he started "changing". After he made it to the top he looked down at the "DJ way" what it stood for, what its aims were, so he denounced the DJ Bible and became completely disillusioned with women. Pook was then accused of Blasphemy, Misogyny and a few other charges. But in reality he just saw the "dating game" for what it was and most women for who they were. He then left Sosuave and disappeared off the map.

He has never been seen again.
*AFC does a Ritual to invoke The Spirit of Pook*

*Pook Materializes from thin air*

*AFC*- IT’S THE POOK! Oh great master, if I kneel before you and worship your image will you teach me how to harness the powers of speed seduction, rapport, matching states, and closings?

*Pook*- Why do you wish to know these things?

*AFC*- Because I want a Girlfriend, because I need Women! Only they can fulfill me, make me a whole person! How else can I live a happy and fulfilling life? Without a Woman by my side, I am nothing. Will you--

*Pook*- SILENCE YOU FOOL! I will teach you nothing! Go to Sosuave and learn those ridiculous techniques! You are obviously not a Man and, therefore, are unworthy of being taught the Mystical Way of the Pook. Do not summon me again or I will banish you to the realms of the Oneitis Nice Guys for an Eternity!

*AFC*- Nooo! Don't! Please, I beg you! Teach me you everlasting wisdom! I want to get Women!! PLEASE!!

*Pook De-Materializes*

*AFC cries himself to sleep*
by Eros Valentine January 12, 2010

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