poo; poop; crap; shit;
dumb; ugly; stupid; silly
That restaurant serves pook!
Your new haircut is pook!
You smell like pook!
I think you trod in pook!
by TJ February 23, 2004
Being so drunk that you vomit,defecate,and urinate at the same time.

"Ah!Steve just pooked in my car!"
by el clerko August 04, 2003
A term of endearment used between young Indigos and little Asian girls.

Also the name of many Thai sluts.
"Oh pook, there's something in your beard!"
by Hannah Pook January 03, 2006
passing out on keyboard
Dude, where'd our necromancer go? Why isn't he responding?

He must be pook
by NiwaDai December 14, 2005
Shit, caca,lollop, poopy plops.
Captain Cook did a pook
Behind the kitchen door.
The cat came up and licked it up
And said "I want some more".
by Pete Fowler November 26, 2005
Sexual relations. Super hot acrobatic lovin'. "Pooky" has the same meaning.
I heard you got your pook on last night.
If we had pooked I would probably have been forced to drown myself out of disgust.
by Hannah S. June 28, 2005
(n)male lubricating seminal fluid; pre-cum.
<v> to excrete male lubricating fluid."
(n) "The head of his unit was slick with pook"

(v) "He was seriously hot and his joint was pooking up something fierce."
by mistermee January 19, 2005
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