An old lady with white/grey hair, and bobs up and down and back in forth in the back seat of a swear it was a fucking dog.
look at that poodle...its bouncin a lot..I think its gotta go out, honey...its your grandma.
by blazedncrazy50h4 September 01, 2004
A dergatory word for a guy who acts feminine but isn't gay.

Orgin:LA 90s
"man... what a poodle".
by LEC2 May 08, 2003
To hit someone over the head with a virtual stick, jokingly. Originated in the Earthsong forums after one of the characters whacked another one with a stick baptised "the poodle stick".
I just got poodled by (insert name)! I kind of deserved it for making fun of his favorite character though.
by eroifj newiropwerc April 24, 2006
A poser; someone who thinks he's cool, but really, are drowing in his patheticness.
"Poodle!" Amy said when she got back to school, realizing that her summer friend Derek was just that, a summer friend, and now was going to pretend he never met her.
by Mimsy December 23, 2005
A poser; someone who thinks he's cool, but really, is drowing in his patheticness.
Merle Girl waved to her new friend, Roy Boy, but discovered he was a poodle, and now, refused to acknowledge her existence.
by Mimsy December 23, 2005
One who is a complete wuss; prissy.
a) He won't go into the moshpit because he's a poodle.
b) That poodle only shops at the most expensive stores.
by Thuggalette February 09, 2004
girl, did you shave that poodle? we be suckin on the same noodle.
by kum n go September 27, 2003

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