One who is a complete wuss; prissy.
a) He won't go into the moshpit because he's a poodle.
b) That poodle only shops at the most expensive stores.
by Thuggalette February 09, 2004
Famous boy on the cover of Crumfin-it's multi-platinum album, 'Poodle Style'.
Aaron is such a poodle.
by Supercake Allstar January 31, 2004
girl, did you shave that poodle? we be suckin on the same noodle.
by kum n go September 27, 2003
a nice way to call a woman a whore. instead of using bitch, try using poodle, they will love it ;-)
i want to bang that poodle
check out those poodles down the street
lets go out poodle hunting
phoschizel all over the poodle's face
by bustix March 24, 2006
A poser; someone who thinks he's cool, but really, are drowing in his patheticness.
"Poodle!" Amy said when she got back to school, realizing that her summer friend Derek was just that, a summer friend, and now was going to pretend he never met her.
by Mimsy December 23, 2005
A verb that refers to the act of masturbation of a male.
I need to go poodle because I couldn't find a hot apple for my hot pickle.
by Plow September 18, 2005
n. poo-dul
1. A word commonly used with immature people who like to say poop but stop themselves in the middle of their sentence because they're trying to get off the word.
2. A mispronunciation of the word "poodel"
1. "You look like poo-uhh dle. Yea... you poodle..."

2. "I do say, these poodles are the mose exquiset thing I've ever eaten!"
by Eyezik Waymyth August 14, 2004

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