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Wife of Uncle Tom. Inside the beltway nick name for Condoleeza Rice.
Yea, Aunt Tomasina is over in the Middle East today repeating the same old Bush doctrine. Meanwhile 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up in Bagdad this morning.
by TWade July 29, 2005
double standard; usually related to how the media treats some politicians with kid gloves and goes after others like a pack of wolves. See also laura bush Story goes that if Hillary Clinton had run over a possum back in the 1960s it would still be news and at least 12 books would be published on the subject.
Brit Hume has become so blantant with the "hillary possums" he might as well leave Fox and join CBN.
by TWade July 29, 2005
Nickname for Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK; popular in London; Mr. Blair is widely ridiculed as "Bush's Poodle" by his own citizens for his obeisance to Dubya's warmongering crusade to attack Iraq.

Reference: Google Bush Blair AND Endless Love and/or Gay Bar; both are videos circulated on the internet that illustrate this point.
The poodle will do whatever Dubbya says. Fetch Tony! Heal Tony! Good boy Tony! Bloody poodle!
by TWade September 01, 2005
pernounced Haaaaaeeey. Joke being, "what do gay horses eat?" Haaaaeeey.
Haaaaaeeey... love your hair. Hope it wins.
by TWade July 29, 2005
Fantasy uranium mentioned in Bush's 2002 State of Union address inorder to justify attack on Iraq. aka a balled face lie used to manipulate the masses by a politician.
That speech was riddle with yellow cake - better do some fact checking before you buy into that crap.
by TWade July 29, 2005

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