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a person who walks around nose up in the air like their shit don't stink.
Look at that girl actin all poodle!
by prissy poo May 28, 2009
To facebook stalk or google someone you just met the night before. Usually done in desperation once you realize you didn't get the persons phone number.
I can't believe John poodled that girl from the bar last night on facebook!
by renderingmayhem March 02, 2009
Less of a man,a man with bitchassness, less of a real DOG,
Man is whinning after being stood up: "stop acting like a poodle"
by SMS08 October 03, 2008
One who cravenly does another's bidding, a metaphorical butt boy.
The Left calls Tony Blair "George Bush's poodle."
by octopod November 23, 2003
To take advantage of a friend with a higher income so that they will pay your way for lunch, movie tickets, etc. This can either be with prior notification (notifying the friend that they are about to be the recipient of this action) or it can be a surprise poodling, such as when you seem to have forgotten your wallet when the bill arrives.
We went to Taco Bell and Hong totally poodled me.

I'm poodling you for pizza. Let's go.
by Mig August 10, 2006
Shark bait.
Poodles are good for nothing but shark bait.
by AmyLeigh September 16, 2008
Since the butt, or ass is called a poot, the actual butt-hole is considered a poodle or pootle.

Chase is in to the kinky stuff he shoved his dong into his pillow's poodle all night long.
by Poon Chaser June 19, 2008