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I like Poodge, poodge is the fat on a girls thighs...
I like to lick up to your poodge...
by Tornadoman August 23, 2004
another way of saying stupid/cool, badass/shithead. it is universally a word of both good and bad like the words shit and Fuck.
that is poodge. you are such a poodge. you can also use it as the word shit or fuck. like for example: i have to take a poodge or that guy is such a poodge ass bitch
by poodgtastic December 14, 2008
A vagina characterized by unusually large and meaty labia.
That girl's poodge felt similar to sleeping with a box of cow tongues, or a wad of raw hamburger meat.
by GoldenChild33 April 11, 2009
1. A person who can never leave you alone in any way imaginable.
Hoon: I need to go to a party, but that poodge won't stop following me.

Kobbs: Leave it to a poodge to screw up a poppin party.
by Arzei January 30, 2009
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