The actual word that describes punching someone. Ponch can refer to fist too, only if it is about to punch
I am going to ponch you in faez
by Zachary F. September 18, 2003
Top Definition
It's a flab pack for a girl. Like a beer gut. If the pants are too tight the ponch tends to hang over the rim of the pants. Can also be an insult.
"Your ponch is sticking out... It's fucking disgusting...Lose weight..NOW"

"You stupid ponch. Go away"
by Shauna May 10, 2004
nickname for highway patrolman frank poncharello in the classic tv show CHiPs. Latin Lovemacheen to the ladies. The coolest mofo ever on television.
Hey Ponch, Gatraer's really pissed off that youve been banging Bonnie in the back of her squad car.
by Grossie September 21, 2003
a female version of the beer gut, starting really low in the mid-section
I can see her ponch through her pants!
by mel September 15, 2003
A diffrent word for Pouch stated by Jake in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time episode 22a "Death in Bloom".
so... Do you want to hop in my ponch and we can ride down?
by Trippy 7474 March 30, 2011
used to define a man who possess much swag and/or game. derived from the character of the hit show Chips.
"Dude, you're such the Ponch!"
by mumblestiltskin October 21, 2011
a female version of the beer belly, usually very large in the mid-section and you would need a car jack to even lift it up.
Fat girls and ponches go hand and hand
by February 06, 2006
Ponch is the term used when you eat and poo at the same time. poo + lunch = pounch
i where so stressed and late for work today that i had to take a ponch to make in in for work in time
by Superheron June 15, 2011

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