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A flab pack is where someone gives the impression of having a muscular six pack beneath their clothing, but once the torso is revealed, it is plain to see it is nothing but a bit of flab.

This usually occurs more often with males. They may have toned, bulging arms and appear to work out regularly, but beneath that tight white t-shirt they often favour is nothing but a rather round little pot belly and non-existent pecs.

Flab packs cause regular disappointment to 'totty spotters' on the beach.

Also known as 'fake packs'.
Girl 1: Hey, check out that guy over there. I bet he has an amazing six pack!
Girl 2: He's taking of his shirt...
Girl 1: *sighs* Just another flab pack.

by never fail to amaze August 01, 2008
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Having a six pack of flabby ripples when clenchin abs giving a deceptive appearance of being ripped.
Man: Hey dude, that t-shirt is really showing off your abs eh?

Dude: Nah man don't be deceived by the flabpack. Soft as as a bowl of jelly under this tee, but hey thats between me and you ;P
by Kopulator April 12, 2010

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