Ponch is the term used when you eat and poo at the same time. poo + lunch = pounch
i where so stressed and late for work today that i had to take a ponch to make in in for work in time
by Superheron June 15, 2011
One who looks and acts like ponch from the tv show Chips. ( I.E. Justin Murdock )
Justin Murdock is a homo and looks like Ponch from chips
by Cabinet Man July 10, 2008
To aggitate in liquid with a stick/spoon/other implement.

"I just need to ponch this tea bag a bit more to get a nice strong brew."

"My gran never had a washing machine. She used to have to ponch all her clothes."
by Jennifer Straw November 10, 2006
A synonym for the ass hole and surrounding areas.
Gay men like to take it in the ponch.
by sithislord February 05, 2008
a person who fails to meet even the basest of expectations.
Anthony didn't show up? He's such a ponch.
by HerbertAndGladys November 13, 2006
a word referring to the female genetalia
"i was burryin' ponch alllll night long"
by Anonymous December 08, 2002
The actual word that describes punching someone. Ponch can refer to fist too, only if it is about to punch
I am going to ponch you in faez
by Zachary F. September 18, 2003
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