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(verb) To repeat what someone else says verbatim, as if one were a parrot. Coined from the common pirate name of parrots, Polly
Dude, I'm just pollying what Andrew said. Don't shoot the messenger!
by lolmaster777 October 04, 2010
The body's reaction to something so unarousing that the penis shrinks back into the body, as to move away from the thing. Usually accompanied by disgust and/or shock, usually caused by nuns in spandex.
That chick gives me anti-boners.
by lolmaster777 April 07, 2009
Similar to teabagging, but done by a woman.
Teabagging with a vagina.
He looks terrible.
Maybe his girlfriend was vagbagging him last night.
by Lolmaster777 January 18, 2009
The conversion of a language or phrase into a dialect proper for use by bros.
"Joseph" -> "Broseph"
"awesome" -> "brahsome"
"community" -> "brommunity"

Creating such beautiful words requires mastery of the fine art of bromanization.
by lolmaster777 January 04, 2011
Christian whom people believe to be a Muslim

ex. Barack Obama

Coined by satirist Andy Borowitz
Actual person: Umm...he's a Christian. I guess he's a Cruslim
by lolmaster777 August 24, 2010

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