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A medical procedure whereby rich people have their poos removed by caesarian rather than bringing them to term.
Rhonda: Hey Linda! Have you done a poo yet today?
Linda: Oo no! Disgusting! I've already been for a scatortion at the clinic.
#caesarian #scat #poo #poos #toilet
by steveinakld July 03, 2012
Last Second Piss. Just before leaving the house each day, the need to urinate one last time, just to be sure.
Rick: Hurry up! We're gonna be late for the movie - it starts in 3 minutes!!
Ned: Hang on! Just gotta do an LSP!!
#piss #urinate #toilet #wee-wee #widdle
by steveinakld July 31, 2012
A mechanical device, usually a car engine, set up in your backyard that does nothing but emit pollution. Just so those people who don't drive can also participate in atmospheric destruction, like their neighbours.
Irate Neighbour: Hey what's that engine running for in your backyard, it's noisy and smelly, and it's giving my kids asthma!
Resident: Whoa! Cool off man! Thats just my polluter!
#pollution #cars #asthma #driving #environment
by steveinakld July 31, 2012
The act of being so supercilious it would be impossible to be more so
That bitch is so ultracilious she makes me sick
#supercilious #arrogant #disdainful #ubercilious #wanky
by steveinakld April 14, 2011
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