An Idea.
Bob: Wow, Bananas sure are tasty! They're so much better then stupid mangos.

Bill: Bob...Isn't the politically correct thing to say that all fruits are equal?

Bob: Well, i was just trying to state my opinion on how amazing bananas are.

Bill: Your being ignorant Bob! All fruit are equally nutritious and tasty. Some people can find your opinion very offensive and it's not fair for them!

Bob: So what you're saying is i can't express my love for fruit?

Bill: Oh, you can express your love for fruit, but in a safe and nonoffensive way.

Bob: ...

Bill: :)

Bob: You're a jackass
by Po ta toe August 05, 2009
Political correctness: a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
The politically correct way is "She's an aggressive go get'er."
She's a ball busting bitch.
by Mr. Mostly Right December 01, 2009
A brainwashing censorship phenomenon which denounces freedom of speech in exchange for "not offending anybody".
Lenny: Yeah, that guy I was talking about before.
Carl: The black one?
Lenny: Yeah, he's black.
Carl: Oh OK.
Politician: HEY HEY HEY!! You can't use the word "black" in public!! IT'S NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!!! You must use "AFRICAN-AMERICAN"!! We must respect the-
*Lenny and Carl both beat the politician to death in the street*
by ZoneZoneZone June 21, 2010
The act of speaking in a way or manner to please people in or about "select" categories; or making something undesireable feel inviting or less offensive.

"Select" possibly refering to but not limited to;
Religion, moral standards, holidays, race, sexual preference, intelligence, home or where one lives.
Not Politically Correct version;
Oh God! I ran over some faggity retarded black kid on my way through the hood headed to a Christmas party.
Politically Correct version;
Oh Almighty Religious Figure! I ran over some slightly homosexual looking mentally challenged African-American kid on my way through the financially challenged possibly dangerous part of town headed to a Winter Holiday party.
by how'd u get fat on welfare March 11, 2011
Sadly, forgetting the reason our country was founded.

Political correctness is:

The elevation of sensitivity over reality or fact.
America is at war - even though you are at the mall.
You are a United States Marine, at war in a country ten thousand miles away from home. You enter a villiage where Islamic fighters have just killed twelve people and gang raped all adult women and an 11 year old girl. You chase after them! They know you are following, ambush, fierce firefight, you are alive! they are dead. Do not make a video of pissing on their corpses because that would not be Politically correct.
by anotheramerican January 13, 2012
Deliberately inoffensive, as in language or behavior.

Exempli gratia - 'Little person' rather than 'dwarf', even in cases of dwarfism, where the term would be appropriate. Abbreviated as P.C. or B.S. Can be compared to doublespeak.

In an extreme case of stretching absurdly to be Politically Correct, an office once changed their "We're out" message so that the word 'manned' was replaced with the less ambiguous, but nonexistant word 'personned'.
by A Boy Named Sue Donym April 22, 2009
Blatant hypocrisy; promotion of language that conceals personal differences, promotion of the idea that identifying a person or group is distinctly different from the average population is the same as saying their is something insurmountably wrong with them. Promotion of the idea that bad historical events would reflect upon descendants who never knew the ancestors involved - therefore the events never happened or are offensive reminders of a personal defect; promotion of the idea that average is sacred and all people should be considered equal in ability or personal characteristics...unless they are overweight, rich, or in some other way not complying with political programs promoting standards of achievable attractiveness or equal division of wealth.
Its not politically correct to use the word word "crippled" because it identifies someone as possibly being different in ability or method of performing a skill or physical action -- despite the fact that not being crippled would not grant you specific skills or ability and that some 'cripples' make adaptation to certain skills and others do not.

Its not politically correct to mention slavery because the existence of such history is not just historical circumstances involving ancestors no modern person met -- under PC philosophy reminder of such history is a violent personal confrontation about implied inherent shortcomings in descendants of slavery and people of the same color or nationality as past slavery owners have lost all right to discuss the issue due to their inherited guilt ...even though they may not even have had ancestors holding pro-slavery opinions let alone had direct ancestral indoctrination.

Its not politically correct to say a crowd of Jews asked the Romans to crucify Jesus for false claims of being the Messiah -- because if true somehow all modern Jews are guilty of the "crimes" of theirs ancestors (really weird when there is only a 0.0001% chance their ancestors might have even been there). Opinions and self-interests of Jews are not allowed to change over 2000 tears - therefore based on a survey of modern Jews this could never have happened.
by mortree January 13, 2012

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