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A doctrine held by a delusional minority, academia and the mainstream media that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
"Don't call that man a 'bum'! Political correctness dictates that he is unfortunately 'homeless'!
by Boogification April 17, 2008
1. The worldview that history began yesterday and any point in the future beyond next week will never arrive. An exemption is 'global warming' which is certain to have us all swimming before the end of the century. No explanation is given as to how this can be accurate, since our best meteorological technology cannot tell us with absolute certainty what the weather will be like two days from now, let alone in 50 years.

2. One who is generous with OPM (other people's money).

3. Anyone who thinks an economy can be taxed into prosperity.

4. One who sees absolutely no linkage between cause and effect.

5. Anyone who thinks that America is great because of government and will be utopia when government controls every aspect of life.

6. One who thinks it possible to give a federal tax cut to someone who does not pay federal taxes to begin with.

7. A mongoloid.
Nigel enjoys being a liberal because it removes the burdensome process of thinking.
by Boogification April 17, 2008

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