After 2000 years, Jesus is still intimidating people...Nowadays it's "Happy Holidays!" and not "Merry Christmas" or perhaps "Winter Concert" instead of "Christmas Concert". How many holidays are there in February? Do you hear people saying "Happy Holidays" then? No, they say "Happy Valentines". BE CONSISTANT! "Oh, do you believe in love?"
Which is more offensive?
"Peace on Earth", or "Good will towards men"?
by Malex December 06, 2004
An accusation typically used by right-wing bigots to describe behavior that shows plain, common decency directed towards individuals or groups against whom, in the past, they have felt free to discriminate without repercussions (i.e. gays; women; racial, ethnic, or religious minorities; etc.) but that has more and more in recent years become the socially accepted norm.
"What? You're mad at me for calling her a fat, n****r, dyke, c*nt? Hey, sorry if you were offended! I forgot we all have to be 'politically correct' now!"
by AustinTxGuy April 28, 2015
a pejorative invented by conservatives so they can say whatever the hell they want without reprisal.
Kinda like a "get out of racism free" card. Go ahead and call Justice Sotomayor a spic on national radio, and when you get called out for it, blame the media for being too "politically correct".
"All Jews are good for nothing penny-pinchers! I would know, considering I've met every single one of them. What's that? You say I shouldn't assume things? Rot in hell, you politically correct bastard!"
by Submitter of Words June 28, 2011
Used in order to control what people say in public. This is a type of language used mostly by white liberals and other whiney bitches. Makes it where Christianity is offensive and wrong but Islam, Buddhism, and Judiasm are really cool. Another form of liberalism where certain opinions and things are upheld and defended while other opinions and things are condemned and banned. See also: hypocrite.
Forget being Politically correct. You know what I would really love to do? I want to with the ACLU a "Merry Christmas!"
by The Kentucky Yankee November 06, 2005
Not an asshole.
Whiny Guy: Why do people want me to be politically correct all the time? Boo hoo!
Reasonable Guy: You mean not an asshole?
by Something Else October 27, 2014
A phrase taken from Mao's Little Red Book to describe terminology that is considered politically expedient.

Understood from a Western perspective as having the same connotation as the term Double Speak in George Orwell's novel 1984, which was written as a criticism of Communism at a time when Western powers were still allied with the USSR.

This western application of the term is often misused by uneducated morons in America to justify their refusal (or inability) to learn basic concepts, correct terminology, accepted behavior or even rudimentary spelling and grammar.
"I'd like a cheeseburger with a side of politically correct Freedom fries".

During World War I, referring to German measles as Liberty Measles was considered politically correct.

Prior to the Invasion of Iraq, it was considered politically correct to assume that the President wasn't a complete idiot.

by God_Almighty_Himself March 20, 2009
The use of various euphemisms when communincating with people that have a hard time dealing with reality. Generally associated with social superiority/inferiority when referring to gender, race, economical status, handicap, etc.

See also: political correctness
While running for president, the man was very politically correct, but after he was in office, he became very lude.
by Raziel Ja'Tier April 19, 2003
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