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Another term for shitfaced, usually when one is under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana.
"Goddddd, I'm sooooo shitfucked!"
by CGO February 05, 2008
when things are shitty and fucked up
Our government is shit fucked!
by acseg April 18, 2010
1. When someone fucks you over big fucking time in any kind of everyday life situation.

2. The action of being fucked in whichever hole a living organism possesses with actual shit. This practice may be facilitated by freezing the shit and putting a wooden stick into it before the actual act.
1.1. "this douchebag just cut me off in the curve and I ended up in the ditch and left. He shitfucked me.
1.2. "Fag just took the last icecubes and didnt even fill it back up and now I need 3 cokes and 7 ice teas, fuckin asshole shitfucked me."

2. -"dude my fuckin cat kept on peeing everywhere so I shitfucked him with a frozen piece of shit in which I had stuck a piece of wood to make it look like a popsicle! I'm so gangsta!"
-"dude you're sick don't talk to me again."
by N3vermind March 13, 2009
when something is really fucked up
Dude did you see that accident out on 95? The highway was completely shit-fucked.
by jesusjustpostalready February 26, 2009
where your shit gets all messed up
Person one: why are you putting your shit in a bag

Person two: so my shit doesnt get all shit fucked
by DOM THE MAN July 24, 2006
To be beyond drunk and will never ever recall what happen.
Dude 1, last night was so crazy . do you remember anything?
Dude 2, Hell no man, i was shit fucked out of my mind.
by King fishin February 04, 2010
When someone is in a lot of trouble.
"The doctors say he has 1 in a million chance of survival. That guy is totally shitfucked."
by tho3m December 30, 2009

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