The unfair promotion of males in the workplace; a form of nepotism by males, whereby males in power promote unqualified members of their sex and/or race to key positions, many times without posting the position to even allow equal opportunity to qualified employees to bid for the position. May also mean abusing power to keep women and minorities in lower positions than their male cronies; brown-nosing.
The recent assignment of Harry to the director's position by the vice president of the company was a great example of 'polidicks' in action.
by Elaine Abinleko July 02, 2007
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A politician who is dick.
That Bob Smith guy sure is a polidick.
by DrunkDowntown May 02, 2011
Jerk activities that relate to influencing the policies of a government.
The Conservative movement clearly is run by a house of PoliDicks.
by Amyham5 January 14, 2015

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