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When two people who have plans to bang, decide to take a rain check, resulting in a "bangcheck".
Yo baby, let's take a bangcheck and meet up tomorrow.
by GlazeHer March 26, 2013
When a grossly unshaven lady has a camel toe, resulting in a camel fro.
Dude A: "Yo, is dat chick's pants thick with the clit or does she have a camel fro?"
Dude B: "Awe man, likely she hasn't shaved in a while and has a fro... ya know, a camel fro!"
by GlazeHer September 24, 2013
When there is way more than a Baker's dozen, a shit ton, "A Baker's Shit Ton".
Dude A: "Yo, we need a Shit Ton of donuts for this morning's wake and bake!"
Dude B: "Like a Baker's Dozen?"
Dude A: "Yes, only more like a Baker's Shit Ton!"
Dude B: "I get it brah, bitches gonna smile like donuts."
by GlazeHer October 28, 2013
When a dude and his Ho are rolled up tightly together in a blanket in bed, making a burritHO
John: "Get over here Ho, I'm going to roll us up like a burrito"
Jane: "It's just like you to combine your two favorite things, me and a burrito!"
John: "Yes, I'm making a burritHO"
by GlazeHer December 23, 2013
When a lady dozes off and begins to snore so faintly it's almost difficult to know she's even sleeping.
John's Ho fell asleep on the couch again, but I don't mind because her lady snores are so soft.
by GlazeHer January 01, 2014
Adult toys, clothing and other items that are used when making a porn.
There was so much pornaphernalia used in the adult film, "John does Karazona" that we had a fucking yard sale afterward.
by GlazeHer January 01, 2014
When you successfully turn a Ho into a housewife
Dude A: "Hey man, how did turn your broad from a Ho into a housewife?"
Dude B: "Brah, she is still a Ho, but now that she's my wife, she a House Ho!"
by GlazeHer October 13, 2013

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