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1 something or someone that is overweight can be described as podgy.
"My baby sister has podgy cheeks"
by beka_beka_beka September 01, 2006
A skinny / healthy person /perfect weight
"She is podgy"
by pollyyy6 August 14, 2014
A person who lays with a puddle of semen on their stomach.
Derived from the latin word "poj" (puddle of jizz).
Hey Podgy, here's some toilet paper to clean that jizz off your belly.
by Ted Kaczynski June 06, 2010
An obese koala that generally hangs on trees and has obese qualities. Also the name of an obese koala that generally hangs on trees and acts obese.
Look at that podgy hanging in the tree!
by Gabrielle and Christine March 28, 2005

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